Hello, we are Treemotel. We are a space rock band and we play Dirtpop music.

Landlin Fitzwilliams - guitarOh! Mercy - bassAnnabelle Chairlegs - vocals, auxiliaryArkor Mavis - vocals, guitar








  • " One might assume from the name that Treemotel’s music is equally odd — which it is, compellingly so. The band’s brand of indie pop is distorted in a conceptual rather than an audio way, with catchy melodic lines in contrast to less straightforward lyrics." - Loren Bienvenu, The New Mexican (July 2013)
  • " It’s hard to nail down a genre for this fearsome foursome, but there are elements of shoegaze, punk, rock and experimentalism that all come together in an easily accessible package. "
    - Alex De Vore, Santa Fe Reporter (July 2013)
  • “BEST ALBUM OF 2012 IN SANTA FE - "Treemotel’s second release of 2012, 'Girls', would easily have topped the charts on any eighties college radio station. From Mark Williams' clear and snuggle-worthy vocals gliding over the top of the murky composition of 'Lillian’s Jetset' to the punk-inspired thrumming of 'Lorretta’s Experimental Stargun,' it’s an infectious, sweet, fun and utterly listenable album."” - Michelle Laflamme-Childs, Blu 102.9 -
  •  “The five-piece ensemble is one of the tightest and most unique-sounding bands within Santa Fe's live-music scene, though it's little recognized. And that's a shame. Treemotel is about as versatile and dedicated as they come, and it isn't too esoteric, pretentious, or too watered down in content to please the ballooning approachable-Americana bar scene.” - Pasatiempo (The New Mexican)
  • “…one of the most prolific musical acts in Santa Fe, having recently released three studio records in just under a year.” - Santa Fe Reporter



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